Subcontractor Requirements

1) All tier subcontractors wishing to perform work for Boasso Construction, LLC are required to be pre-qualified prior to bid award and requalify every three years thereafter. The pre-qualification/requalification process is performed by Boasso Construction, LLC utilizing data provided directly to Boasso Construction, LLC by said subcontractors. 

2.) Subcontractors/potential bidders will submit the required documents to the appropriate Boasso Construction, LLC contact(s) as instructed. Both the Boasso Construction, LLC Safety Director and Project Manager will evaluate submitted documents and notify the subcontractor of the results. The following documentation will be required to be submitted by each contractor for the pre-qualification/requalification process:

     a) Experience Modification Rate (EMR) letter from their insurance carrier for the last three years.

     b) Last three years OSHA 300 and 300A logs or loss runs.

     c) Copy of their company Health and Safety Program. 

     d) Safety Training Documentation

     e) Current copy of Certificate of Insurance.

     d) Current Federal W-9 form

      f) Subcontractor Employee Verification Affidavit Form

You can download a sample copy of our insurance requirements here:

You can download a copy of the Federal W-9 form here:

You can download a copy of the Subcontractor Employee Verification Affidavit Form here:

**Boasso Construction, LLC must receive a signed/notarized Subcontractor Partial Release and Waiver of Lien form prior to authorizing any subcontractor invoice payments**